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Easy Lead Generator

This image shows a lead capture page that EasyLeadGenerator members can use to build a list of email leads.

EasyLeadGenerator is now fully operational and ready for you to use to build your own list of email leads, for free.

The system works by enabling you to create your own free list building funnel, which is a replica of the original EasyLeadGenerator funnel rebranded so that any email leads generated are added to your mailing list and your affiliate links are featured on the funnel set up page that your leads are shown after subscribing to your list.

It is about as near to being a done-for-you online business as you can feasibly get as you can use the ELG funnel for free and generate an income with it without ever needing to spend any money on hosting.

All you need to do to start earning money with the funnel is send traffic to your lead capture page, and traffic generation training is provided for free.

You can get your own EasyLeadGenerator funnel for free by clicking here.